There are three primary ways to qualify for USASA Nationals: 2017 National Overall & Individual Discipline Champions, Regional Series Champion, and National Ranking.

2017 National Overall & Individual Discipline Champions are automatically "pre-qualified" for the 2018 National Championships.  If you are a 2017 National Overall & Individual Discipline Champions and you intend to compete at this season’s 2018 National Championship, you should support your local series by attending as many events as possible in the discipline that you were champion.  The basic principle behind the rule is that the rider should support the local series.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic, contact your series director.

Regional Series Champion:
The Regional Series Champion of each age class, male & female, in each discipline will be determined using Regional Rankings (best of 2 of 3 for RJ & SS,  2 of 2 for GS, SL , HP & X) will qualify for the National Championship. If the winner cannot go to National Championship the next rider in line may take that spot. Therefore, one representative from each age group, male & female, shall be given a slot to the National Championship providing they have qualified as stated in the rules. 
Tie Breaking Procedures:
Ties are broken using the best result for all disciplines, then total points.  If a tie cannot be broken by this methodology, highest individual judged score will be used for HP & SS, fastest individual run time for GS & SL, fastest time trial time for SBX & SX and national ranking for RJ.  If the aforementioned tie breaking procedures fail to break the tie, the starting position will be used.
The points system used by each Series will be the same throughout all series. All series must provide results in each discipline for which they have riders, male and female. Therefore each series will provide results in Giant Slalom, Slalom, SBX / SX, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle, for men and women, in each age category.

Remaining Slots - NATIONAL RANKINGS:
All remaining openings in all age categories and venues will be filled from the National Ranking. See Rule 103.07  National Ranking
The National Ranking will be the riders’ best 3 results from any series in the current season, the previous seasons National Championship points may or may not be included. Qualifying points will be awarded in each discipline, each age category, male and female. 

National Points Attribution:
Points will be awarded at all events, but a rider will retain only the top 3 finishes during a 12 month period. This may include the previous seasons National Championship points. i.e. if a rider has more than 3 finishes, her top three finishes will automatically be taken which may or may not include her National Championship finish.